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Game Center Live

Doug Pensinger

Last season I watched a number of hockey games, honestly, I watched a lot more games than I'd care to admit. This was because last year I paid to have a subscription to Game Center Live. This season the NHL has offered the subscription to a few SBN writers. GCL as it is often referred to in our game threads, has some positives and negatives.

The biggest positive, for me, was the fact that as long as I had my laptop, or a tablet, I could watch hockey anywhere. I watched hockey on a train. No problem. I also love that, unlike Center Ice, between 24-48 hours later you can re-watch the game. When I want to re-watch a game with Center Ice I have to remember to schedule my PVR! Also, with a subscription to GCl, you get access to the NHL Vault. I watched a lot of classic Avalanche games (yep, Blood Feud games) during the lock out.

One of the biggest negatives you'll see in threads about GCL is the lag time. It is not uncommon for the game to be a minute, or two, behind the action. If you are following our discussions in our GDT you'll see that the opposition has scored during their power play, before you even see the penalty handed out.