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Avalanche Players React to End of Lockout

The lockout ends. The players react. Hilarity ensues.

Ronald Martinez

Thanks to Twitter and the wonders of social media we all get a front seat view to player reactions to the end of the 113-day long NHL lockout.

For some, it reignited the holiday spirit.

Feel giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. The is BACK.

People say it's like Christmas morning waking up today? I'd say this is a lot better. Couldn't be more excited!!

Lockout is over! Great news to wake up to! Like Xmas morning. Can't wait to get back on the ice in Denver.

For others, pure excitement - and not just for themselves, but for the fans.

Hey Denver, I have a question for you... Can you say 'Avs Hockey'???

Thx fans for being patient and the game is back. Also thanks to all who were in the meetings to get this deal done!

Erik Johnson was feeling particularly giddy. Who knew he was such a joker?

: Any player not on entry level contract will now have own room on the road." Bye !!!

Do I speak for everyone when I say this is how we all feel about the lockout ending?

Joey Hishon kept it simple, Brick Tamland-style.

Players were not the only ones sounding off. Check out these tweets, from our lovely family here at MHH.

Can't wait to see you back in Denver, CAPTAIN :)

I feel like hugging everyone.

Will LOL so hard when all the high and mighty "Im not coming back fans" inevitably ummmm come back

Despite all this great news, we still have one more thing to worry about before we can truly sit back and recline.

Just went on CapGeek to do research for articles & was harshly reminded that still haven't signed yet

However, I would not be too worried about it. It seems like Ryan O'Reilly wants nothing but to stay in Colorado.

The lockout is officially over. Players are happy. Fans are happy, mostly. Put on your burgundy-tinted shades, everybody, it's time to celebrate the real New Year's. On that note, I'll leave you all with the latest tweet from the always hilarious and always cheeky @AvFanProblems.

If the gets rid of the salary cap, let em! were way better without it. The hell with the rest of the league