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Reasons I'm excited for the 2013-2014 Colorado Avalanche season

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally October, you know what that means: it's hockey season. With the stupidly long summer came a lot of time to think about this season and what it could possibly bring. These are some of the things I am most excited about.

Alex Tanguay: I remember being 17 and sitting in the Maple Leaf lounge waiting for my flight from Vancouver to Nouvelle Caledonie and talking to a Hockey Night in Canada producer. He asked me who I cheered for, some of my favorite moments in hockey and who my favorite player was. The guy just about fell off his chair when I said Tanguay. Clearly he was expecting Sakic or Forsberg to come out of my lips. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that he was traded to Calgary (and what I drank when it happened). I always followed his career and wanted him to do well. There was always a part of me that wanted him back in Avs gear, even though I thought it was impossible. Well, when I got the email that he was traded back to Colorado I was thrilled.I can't wait to see what he can do this season. I hope that he still has it in him. Even if he doesn't, he knows how to show up in the "big games". He has the veteran leadership qualities that can rub off on the younger guys. He played for the Halifax Mooseheads, which is the same team the newest youngster played for last season. One of the biggest knocks against Tanguay is that he doesn't shoot the puck enough.

Nathan MacKinnon: At the NHL Scouting Combine I had a chance to stand in a scrum and take part in interviewing many of the draft potentials. One that I made sure to be in was Nathan MacKinnon's circle. He won me over in that circle. The look on his face when I mentioned being coached by Roy was amazing. He is fairly modest, giving props to both his teammates and opposition, but when talking about Roy being his coach he said that he has the same competitive nature as Roy. He's highly touted, highly skilled and being put in a position that no one expects him to go out and have 100 points. He won't be on the top line, at least to start, and so the pressure won't be as intense as some feared. He is being put in a position to succeed.

Patrick Roy: Speaking of Roy, before he was announced as the head coach, I wrote an article about how I thought it was time to name him the Colorado Avalanche head coach. This man loathes to lose, he did as a player, he did as a coach in the QMJHL, and he will now as a NHL coach. He will be able to teach the guys the winning attitude. A lot of fear going into the season for many fans was his passion. He was known to have fiery temper on ice, and as a coach in the juniors However, thus far in all his interviews he has seemed even-keel and incredibly forthcoming. He tells the players what he expects of them, and how to accomplish it. He is giving his goalie coach Carte Blanche to deal with Varlamov as he deems necessary.

Adam Foote Night: That will be a very dusty night in the Pepsi Center, I'm sure. I won't be crying as they raise the jersey to the ceiling, it'll just be dust that has landed in my eyes. Yes, both of them. Can we take a moment to remember his last shift? Ah hit by Foote, another hit by Foote, and another hit by Foote.

Footer's Last Shift (via ellocoavs)

My trip to Denver: Because how could it not be in my top things that I am looking forward to list?