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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - October 1st, 2013

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Jeff Gross

The National Post takes a look at the realignment. Hybird icing has been approved by the players.

New York Islanders winger Matt Moulson said it got "monotonous" to play division rivals so often, and though that won’t go away, there’s much more variety over 82 games.

"A lot of people like to compare the East versus the West and how those teams are different and what it takes to get to the playoffs in each conference," Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews said. "I think you’ll see maybe less of a contrast because the teams are playing each other more often. I think it’ll be exciting in a way to see different teams on a more regular basis and almost a relief in a way to not have to play those rivalry games, those division games that you’re used to seeing those teams over and over and over throughout the regular season."

Hybird icing has been approved by players.

Hybrid icing will be in effect for the start of the 2013-14 NHL regular season after it was approved by the players.

The NHLPA gave the go-ahead for the rule change that makes icing a race to an imaginary line across the faceoff dots instead of the puck, which was given a trial run during the pre-season. The goal is to prevent serious injuries, like the one that sidelined Carolina Hurricanes defenceman Joni Pitkanen for the entire season.

The NHL has reduced a suspension.

The NHL reduced Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette's suspension for leaving the bench to join an altercation from 10 regular-season games to three on Saturday. In a Sept. 13 game against Los Angeles, Bissonnette was assessed a game misconduct under Rule 70.6, which calls for an automatic 10-game ban — Leaf David Clarkson was assessed a similar suspension after last weekend’s brawl with the Sabres. The NHL said that during Bissonnette’s appeal, video evidence not available to the league at the time supported the player’s contention that he took the ice legally to substitute for Max Domi — who instead remained on the ice and joined the altercation. Also Saturday, Domi, son of former Leaf enforcer Tie Domi, was assigned to the OHL’s London Knights.