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MHH v Burgundy Brigade After Hours Game

You've asked for it, and we've got it! Maybe.

Background: For many seasons for meany years, the now defunct Avalanche Guild (may she rest in peace) hosted a Blog Site Scrimmage between their folks and ours here at Mile High Hockey. Sometimes it was pre-game (the sweetest ice I've ever experienced); sometimes it was post-game (watch out for those ruts!). The game was always open to every level skater. We had folks who'd just barely learned to skate and freaking ringers who smoke guys in rec leagues. Our scores were displayed with our names on the scoreboard (ooohhhh, imagine that on the jumbomegatron), and the goals and penalties were announced over the loudspeaker. Oh, and then there were the spectators. No, I'm not talking about our friends and family. More often than not, guys from the home and visiting pro teams would hang out for a bit to catch the action.

Today: Since the Avs Guild is no longer with us, Kevin of Burgundy Brigade has taken up the torch to get us a game this year. We weren't sure there would be, but we have recently learned that there is ice available for this annual Pepsi Center scrimmage, this time between the Brigade and MHH. It's before the St. Louis Blues game on November 27th. In order to secure that ice, we need to sell 200 tickets. Here's the stickler: that's the night before Thanksgiving. We're a little concerned we won't get enough people buying tickets.

Deal: We get a group price on the tickets. I'll update the info as soon as I know how much, but it's usually pretty cheap.

Sooooo, two questions for ya'll.

1. If we secured the ice, would you want to play? (MHH IS GOING TO DOMINATE THIS YEAR!)

2. If you don't want to skate, will you buy tickets to the game and watch us?