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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - October 16th, 2013

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Doug Pensinger

There was a scary hit in the game between the Blues and Sharks.

Boyle was taken off on a stretcher early in the first period following a check from behind by the Blues’ Maxim Lapierre, who was ejected from the game for checking from behind.

A Sharks spokesperson said Boyle was alert and responsive on the way to the hospital. Boyle will be kept overnight for observation.

Thornton was one of the first players on the ice.

“He wasn’t (saying anything) and that’s what was so scary,” Thornton said. “I’ve never seen a guy be like that before. It just takes your breath away. He wasn’t responding or anything. It was very, very scary.”

Several Sharks players were critical of Lapierre afterward.

Patrick Roy can get his name in the record books.

The Colorado Avalanche won their sixth straight with a 3-2 win over the Dallas Stars on Tuesday night, allowing Roy to tie the NHL mark for victories to start a coaching career.

He shares the record with Mario Tremblay, who won his first six games with Montreal in 1995-96, a team Roy played for before being traded to the Avalanche later that season. Tremblay played a big role in the trade after not pulling Roy out of a game soon enough in a lopsided loss.

Now, they're linked - again - in league history. For the moment, anyway. Roy can break that mark Thursday against the Detroit Red Wings, one of Roy's biggest rivals as a player.

"I don't know what to say. And that doesn't happen to me very often," Roy said. "I certainly appreciate more the way our guys played than appreciate breaking a record or something like this.

"I'm not really excited about that record, to be honest with you. I'm excited about looking at the way the team has been playing, how hard the team has been working."

Not much going on in the world of trades - yet.

13. The trade market was very cool last week, with one of the reasons being that Calgary and Colorado are both off to strong starts. They had showed willingness to explore ideas, but when you're going well, there's not as much reason to do so, especially early.

14. Will that change? There are a couple of situations to keep an eye on. Kris Letang is nearing a return for the Penguins, which doesn't necessarily complicate things. But, if Pittsburgh wants to keep Olli Maatta instead of returning him to junior, there's a glut. They could keep eight defencemen, go the waiver route, or try to deal.