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Cody McLeod gets the call for a suspension hearing

Doug Pensinger

The NHL Board of Player Safety has requested the presence of Cody McLeod for his dangerous hit on Niklas Kronwall in Thusrday's tilt against the Detroit Red Wings. McLeod was giving a five minute major for boarding, as well as a game misconduct.

The CBA allows for a player to have an in-person hearing when a suspension may result in six or more games. However, the hearing does not assure there will be that many games. Still, it's pretty likely.

Just 39 seconds into McLeod's first shift, he approached Kronwall in the corner for a hit designed to garner possession of the puck. Seconds before McLeod made contact, Kronwall shifted his body, putting himself in a vulnerable position. McLeod did not adjust his trajectory or speed, and hit Kronwall full on the back. Because Kronwall was bent down, the principle point of contact with the boards was his head, which hit right at the spot where the glass joins the boards.

It was a nasty hit, one that necessitated the stretcher to carry Kronwall off the ice. It was later determined that the Detroit player suffered lacerations and a concussion. He did not leave the building for the hospital, though.

I mentioned in the recap that I thought McLeod would get at least five games. It appears Brendan Shanahan also thinks so.

Here's a video of the hit. Mark Rycroft broke it down last night in the post game show as well.