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MHH Meet Up: Adam Foote Night

Marc Piscotty

While the game starts at 8 pm, the Avs are recommending that you be in your seat by 6:45 pm for the Footer ceremony. The Beachie clan will be at the restaurant at 5 pm. If you haven't made reservations, you def want to make sure you get there around then to get a table. See ya'll tomorrow night!


The meet up is going to be back at Brooklyn's for Adam Foote night: Saturday, November 2. We'll be congregating upstairs in the southside section of the restaurant. We won't be roping off an area for MHH members as a whole because we don't want to reserve space that isn't used. Therefore, it's strongly suggested that you call and make reservations.


901 Auraria Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204
Phone:(303) 607-0004


Saturday, November 2. Suggested arrival time between 5:30 - 6:00. Game is at 8, but you'll want to get into the arena early, and Brooklyn's will be busy. CLARIFICATION: by "game is at 8" I mean puck drop is at 8. By "get into the arena early" I mean by 7 pm.