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Daily Cupcakes: Links from the NHL and Your Colorado Avalanche

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

No cakes, just cup. Sandie is unavoidably detained, so y'all are stuck with me for today and Friday.

To start off, Kieran Millan was just called up to Lake Erie for reasons no one is either willing or able to explain. Millan earned high praise from Coach Roy during training camp and has defeated all 3 opponents faced so far for the beloved Cutthroats, earning CHL Goalie of the Week honors right off the bat. Ron Knabenbauer recently wrote nice things about him on the Avalanche's site.

As tender of the Monsters Desk, I feel shame that I can offer no more insight into why this happened.

The Montreal Canadiens are now including proper accent marks on the players' uniforms. Free the diacritics! Umlauts and cedillas for all!

Like me, I'm sure you've all been wondering when Marc-Andre Cliche and Nate Guenin are going to quit lollygagging around and finally score a goal like everybody else on the team. Turns out they've got some pretty special company in the NHL's list of 0-for-the season delinquents.

Finally, a comprehensive article on why the Avs' early season 5v5 Fenwick Close is neither close nor Fenwick for that matter.

Only 5 4 more days 'til the hockey returns for we Avs fans. Have a super day, and don't you go changin'!