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Semyon Varlamov arrested on domestic violence charges. What we know, what we don't

the Avalanche netminder turned himself in voluntarily Wednesday night

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

What we know

Semyon Varlamov turned himself in to Denver Police on Wednesday. He was arrested on two charges stemming from an incident that allegedly happened Tuesday:

Kidnapping (second degree) (felony class 4), which means one of two things based on this from the Colorado state courts.

Second degree kidnapping is only a class-4 felony in two instances: physically seizing and moving someone from one place to another without their consent, or taking a child "not his own" (sick language there, statute) for the purpose of keeping the child from the guardian/parent. A deadly weapon of any kind would not have been involved, or this would be felony class 3.

Assault (third degree) (misdemeanor), which is usually in reference to hitting or pushing a spouse or loved one without really doing much physical injury per these guys. It can be a deadly weapon charge, but the kidnapping thing kind of rules that out.

Varlamov is being held without bond in Denver County jail at this time (Denver Post).

You should be following Ryan Parker on Twitter for updates on this.

What we don't know

Pretty much anything else. We don't know what happened or what is alleged to have happened. The Avalanche released a statement that they were aware of the situation and not commenting, nor would they (wisely). It's not clear when the team found out about this, especially since Roy said Varlamov was supposed to start Friday. The recent callup of Kieran Millan to Lake Erie, while coincidentally timed, happened on Monday, while the incident Varalmov is in jail for happened on Tuesday.

We also aren't sure what this will mean for the Avalanche. Obviously we should expect them to be without Semyon Varlamov's services for an indefinite period of time. Will Sami Aitokallio get the call up, or Calvin Pickard? Cheryl e-mailed me this statline so I thought I'd pull a staff writer and paste it:

1 Sami Aittokallio 5 264:39 11 0 2.49 2 2 0 120 109 0.908
2 Calvin Pickard 4 214:53 11 0 3.07 2 2 0 110 99 0.900

We will provide updates as more information becomes available.