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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - November 21st, 2013

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Doug Pensinger

You know what time it is? No, not Tool Time, it's Movember time!

This year, 10 Avs players are taking part in Movember, growing out their 'staches to show their support for men's health. Fans are encouraged to donate to their favorite player (see below) or to the Colorado Avalanche Movember team at

Do you remember when a gentleman took Adam Pardy's helmet off after he went through the glass? There is a bit of follow-up. Winnipeg radio station was encouraging fans to wear helmets to Thursday night’s game when Chicago visits, calling it a "helmet Pardy."

But Chipman says Chicago has handled the incident with class, just as Pardy did when it happened, and no helmets will be allowed.

The helmet thief has even made a donation to the Jets Foundation, besides issuing an apology.

The Globe and Mail has a small recap of what's going on in the NHL.

West is best again

How skewed are the NHL standings? As of Wednesday morning, the Boston Bruins held top spot in the Eastern Conference. Nothing unusual, the Bruins were champs in 2011 and finalists in 2012, except, if they were in the Western Conference, their 29 points would leave the Bruins outside the playoff picture. The top eight teams in the West were all ahead of the No. 1 team in the East.

Cheryl here. Thought I'd add in this article by our friends over at On The Forecheck that looks at the Central Division thus far. If you travel over there, please be nice!

Note that I left the Colorado Avalanche out of the discussion above - like a racehorse that's bolted out of the gate to an early lead, they're due to fall back into the pack. The Avs enjoyed hot goaltending and hot shooting in the opening weeks of the season, but as both those factors inevitably regress to NHL norms (sorry, I don't see a Dominik Hasek or a bunch of Ilya Kovalchuk's on that roster) their mediocre puck-possession numbers will relegate them to roughly .500 hockey the rest of the way.