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The Colorado Avalanche: News from around the NHL - November 25th, 2013

Victor Decolongon

Toronto Sun has declared former Avalanche player Jay McClement as the "hidden MVP" for the Leafs.

On Saturday night, the assignment was No. 8 for the Washington Capitals. This coming Wednesday, it will be No. 87 for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Just another couple of nights at the office for Leafs centre Jay McClement.

For those who devour the stats pages — both new-age and old — McClement isn’t much to get excited about. For those who reverse the stats page and see what he does to NHL superstars such as the Caps’ Alex Ovechkin and the Pens’ Sidney Crosby, he may well be the Leafs’ hidden MVP so far this season.

There will be a show focusing on the Olympian NHL players.

The NHL announced Monday that it will take the reality television format to a higher level with an upcoming seven-part NHL Revealed series that will look at two dozen NHL stars as they compete in regular games, outdoor games and then the Sochi Olympics.

The series, officially titled NHL Revealed: A Season Like No Other will debut Jan. 22 on NBC Sports Network and Jan. 23 on CBC in Canada.

“This is part of the overall plan, the big plan on how to continue to build hockey, to make it more national, to get more people to pay attention to it,” said NHL chief operating officer John Collins.