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Introducing the Mile High Hockey Top 9

In which we respond to your suggestion, to take your suggestions!

kinda like that only with us instead of actual hockey players
kinda like that only with us instead of actual hockey players
Jen Fuller

The million staff writers were hanging out in the Super Secret Staff Writer Forum the other day when Busted Twigg sent us this pretty sick idea.

After reading Andi's "Why Not Us?" article, I started thinking that MHH should do something to preserve and honor some of the iconic posts over the past years....It could become an annual event. We could have nominations in November, discussions through December.... Follow that with an enshrinement "ceremony" for the top 2 (or so) in the voting.


MHH Top 9: What is it?

Something great is written here every day. Whether it's an article like Andi's, a fanpost that finds its way to prominence, or a particularly good comment (or string of them). We want to establish a place to recognize the very best, as voted on by the MHH community. So first, you have the opportunity to nominate as many pieces as you would like; we'll pick the 9 most popular as voted on by rec. Next, one article, comment, or fanpost will be featured on the first non-game day of the week, and later on we'll have a giant vote to determine which are enshrined forever.

MHH Top 9: How to use it

The rules are pretty simple.

  1. Include the name of what you're nominating and a direct link to it. Descriptions are highly encouraged. Anything without a name or link isn't being counted. Do try to include some context if we're talking about a comment here.
  2. One nomination per post. If you recommend two things, the post won't count for either.
  3. Try to read the thread before making a nomination. We'll make some effort to ensure that double nominations are added together but also make no promises. If you see something nominated twice, vote for the first one.
  4. You can nominate more than one thing as long as you make a post for each one.

After that all you have to do is hang out and rec the nominations you think should make it. Wow! It's almost like democracy!