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Game Center Live: Past and present games

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Game Canter Live has been around for a few years now, in fact last year I wrote a review (see here) about a few of the features. GCL (and Center Ice) is a perfect way for out of market fans to watch their team take on the opposition day in and day out. There are some drawbacks - the main one is that there is some lag between actual game time and when you watch the game.

My favourite part of GCL, however, is the Vault feature. The NHL has put a great number of past games available to GCL subscribers in the Vault. During summer months I'd often watch a couple of games to "get me through" the summer non-hockey months. Throughout the year subscribers can choose to watch a game from this season, or past seasons. Feel like watching a Nords game? It's there! Feel like watching some Avalanche games circa 1996? You can! At $100 for a year it can prove to be a great value for fans, who like me enjoy watching moments from the past.This proved to be a great feature last season - I was able to still watch an Avalanche win.

But this season? This season I have been watching the games live, and then re-watching them a few days later. Especially when the Avs are off for a few days. It's been a fun ride for Avs fans this season, so why not watch it more than once?!