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Game #15 Recap: Avs douse Flames 4-2

Flames make it tough on the Avs tonight, but fall 4-2 for their 3rd straight loss as the Avs improve to 13-2-0.

Pull my finger!
Pull my finger!
Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Flames come into Denver looking to put the Avs on a two game losing streak while ending their own two game losing streak. The Flames played last night against St. Louis and fell 2-3.

The Avs wanted to play a better game defensively and get back to their winning ways after losing a 6-4 battle against the Perds on Wednesday. Just the second time in this young season that the Avs allowed more than two goals in a game.

Corey Sarich will face his former team for the first time this season, as will former Avalanche players David Jones and  Shane O'Brien. Also playing for the Flames is former Av T.J. Galiardi.

There is also a lot of talk during the pre-game about Monahan vs MacKinnon. Looks like we know who McNab will be gushing about tonight? With this weekend being Veteran's Day, there is a lot of talk about that as well and rightly so. A great big thank you to all those who have served!

Period 1:

Early in the period the Duchene-O'Reilly SlapFight line is maintaining possession in the offensive zone.

17:39 - Johnny Malkin is doing his patented laps around the offensive zone.

16:40 Stastny gets out early on a line change, corrals the puck behind the net and make a nice feed to McLeod in front.

16:00 MacKinnon is now out with Landeskog and McGinn in a strange line change (probably due to Stastny being out early on the last line change).

14:50 Off the face off in the Avs zone, the two heavy weights drop the gloves and square off. Bordeleau gets the early hit count with a flurry of punches, but McGrattan comes back and the two trade punches for a bit.  McGrattan then gets Bordy's helmet off and drop a short flurry of bombs on the back of Bordy's head. Would say it's an even draw, but McGrattan bleeding pretty good as both guys head to their respective locker rooms, Bordy shaking the hand as he goes.

14:34  Duchene collects the puck and blazes up the ice between defenders, but a last second poke check keeps him from a break away chance.  O'Reilly however, deflects a clearing attempt toward Hejda who's shot is blocked in front.  The puck deflects to Parenteau who then makes a great pass to O'Reilly in the slot.  O'Reilly puts the shot past Ramo and the Avs lead 1-0. Assists to Parenteau and Hejda.

Altitude puts up the stat: Avs are only team still undefeated when scoring first 10-0-0.

Next shift, Benoit takes the puck coast to coast and to Ramo's left where he tries to feed a wide open Landeskog.  Ramo deflects the pass onto Stastny's stick who is unable to connect with a crashing Mitchell. Literally, Mitchell was crashing to the ice after being tied up in front..

12:58 Talbot gets a good chance in front of the net.

Tonight is Shane O'Brien's 500th NHL game.

Just before the 9:00 mark Calgary is starting to get their game going and create some pressure.  A few flubs and mistakes by Avs players, leads to an extended shift for the Flames, but Giguere is standing tall.

7:50 Bordeleau and McGrattan are both back on their respective benches.

Holden looks like he's having a good game so far.  He's been really aggressive in the neutral zone and the offensive zone.

5:55 S. O'Brien tries a shot from the point, but shoots it right onto McLeod's stick.  The shot breaks McLeod's stick, but the puck deflects out of the zone.

As this period goes on, Calgary is finding their grove and is clogging up the neutral zone making it hard for the Avs to get any speed going. Calgary is starting to take control of the period and have taken a lead in shots.

3:57 Jiggy is starting to face shots and pressure but is standing tall and send Duchene the other way with speed.

3:08 Johnson is very active and is causing some havoc for the Flames

2:08 McLeod blocks a blistering shot that has to sting, he's a little slow getting up, but immediately goes behind the net and starts having words with Jackman while Bordy and McGrattan continue to discuss cooking recipes.

1:27 D. Jones uses is speed for a change and creates a chance for the Flames.

1:07 E Johnson goes deep into the corner and creates a great chance for MacKinnon.

0:49.8 D Jones trips up MacKinnon to give the Avs the first power play of the game. The Avs would not score despite a good chance or two, but will have 1:11 remaining to start the second period:

After 20:00 the Avs lead 1-0, shots are 8-8.

Second Period:

Holden starts the period on the point for the power play and has an early shot.

19:00 Backlund gets called for tripping O'Reilly and the Avs will have a short 11 second 5 on 3

18:51 Johnson shoots the puck off the back boards and the deflection is perfect onto the stick of Stastny who doesn't miss giving the Avs their 1st power play goal in the last 5 games and a 2-0 lead. There was still 2 second left on the 5 on 3 so the Avs remain on the power play.  Assist on the goal go to Johnson and Benoit.

17:42 Delayed call as the Flames commit another penalty.  This time it's Galiardi slashing Parenteau and the Avs have another short 33 second 5 on 3. The Avs get a couple of good chances, but with 2 seconds left on the 5 on 3 Holden is called for interference as he upended Stajan who was trying to leave the zone. The teams would skate 4 on 4 for 1:21 before Calgary gets their first shortened power play.

15:58 Mackinnon shows some speed and breaks in to create a chance for himself and then Stastny.

15:31 Flames create a good zone entry with numbers, but Hudler over skates the puckf and the Avs go 2 on 2 the other way to run out the penalty.

13:53 The Avs first line gets pinned in their zone and fail to clear the puck on numerous attempts.  Backlund is able to collect the puck in the circle and out waits a sliding Guenin before wiring a pass across the crease to Cammalleri who likes scoring against the Avs.  2-1 good guys, assists to Backlund and Hudler.

12:44 The 3rd lines answers for the Avs. Sarich is able to hold the puck in at the blue line and puts the puck below the goal line where MacKinnon is able to collect it and then skates to the left of Ramo before finding Mitchell in the slot. Mitchell fires a missile over the glove of Ramo to regain the two goal lead.

12:06 Guenin almost connects with Mackinnon on a feed into the crease. MacKinnon then get physical along the boards trying to regain the puck.

11:34 Landy makes a great steal and drives the net for a chance.

10:20 Jiggy goes behind the net to play the puck and flubs the pass, this handcuffs Sarich who is also unable to get a clear stick on the puck and bounces it off Jiggy as he tries to get back in net. The puck slips to Backlund behind the net, he reverses the puck to Hudler on Jiggy's left and then Hudler fires a pass across the crease to Cammallari for a 2-3 game. The Duchene line has been on the ice against Cammallari's line for both goals.

9:17 Duchene's line gets a good break out and Holden carries the puck to the net for two good chances.

Much like the first period, Calgary is starting to clog things up and control the pace of the game.

7:52  Mitchell puts a good pass across the crease, but it deflects off a Calgary defenseman.

6:21 The Avs 4th line is caught out on an icing and Hartley puts the Cammalleri line out to try and take advantage. Bordy is able to collect the puck and skates it into the offensive zone while his line mates make a change.

3:30  More flubs for the Duchene line creates chances for the Flames.  Parenteau stick handle too much and runs out of room before having to leave the zone. Then as he tries to skate backwards to defend he stumbles, but recovers. Avs keep the puck out of the zone despite a few more guys taking tumbles and Duchene gets the puck back into the offensive zone before changing.

2:23 The Cammalleri line is buzzing again and Hudler sends a nice pass to Cammalleri who has a step on his man. Jiggy is in great position to make the save and then has to make a few more before he's able to cover up and get a whistle.

1:01 Holden continues to jump into the offensive play and this time he gets behind the play forcing Duchene to have to defend. Duchene is able to tie up Galiardi so the Jiggy can cover the puck.

0:39 Scary moment as Jiggy thinks he has the puck in his padding, but the puck is laying a mere two inches from his right pad. Stastny has to tie up his man and gets called for holding Backlund.  He protests, but that penalty probably saved a goal.

The Flames pelt Jiggy with shots to close out the period, but the Avs survive to end the period still up a goal.

The Flames will have 1:23 remaining on the power play to start the 3rd. Shots are 19-22 Flames.

Third Period:

19:18 Avs penalty kill unit is playing well, Guenin makes a good tie up along the boards that allows the Avs to clear the puck.

18:40 Talbot intercepts the puck and skates it out of the zone to  run out the penalty.

16:36 Stastny's line is now being shifted against the Cammalleri line.  they are once again drawing the other team's top line.

16:06 Mackinnon's line is struggling to control the puck and clear the zone which leads to a chance for Monahan.

15:21 Duchene doing the dirty work gets clobbered in front of the net.

14:36 A Flames players falls over the blue line allowing Stastny easy access to the puck. He feeds Landy who's cross ice pass just misses a wide open McGinn.

13:39 A big shift for MacKinnon's line creates a couple of big chances

13:00 Jiggy showing some fire and attitude, chops Stajan's stick out of his hands after covering the puck.

12:20 The Jones-Galiardi-Stajan line gets a number of chances for the Flames.

12:03 Roy calls his time out after the Avs get called for icing. During the time out Roy is having some words with a linesman.

11:40 Johnson continues his strong game as he lays a big hit on Hudler at the blue line.

10:48 S O'Brien takes a shot of MacKinnon, as usual the shot deflects out of the zone.

10:00 Some more puck sitting in the crease issues for the Avs and jiggy.

8:11 Johnson goes down for a big block and this time he's stung.  He's hurting, but he finishes the shift before heading to the bench. After talking to the trainer a second, both head down to the locker room.

5:22 More confusion as the puck is between the skates of the Avs defender keeping Jiggy from covering. The Flames regain control and get another chance before Jiggy is able to hold the puck.

5:03 Johnson returns to the ice.

3:53 The Avs third line gets a flurry of shots on Ramo ans Holden, MacKinnon and Mitchell all gets chances.

3:20 J. Colborne gets drilled in the neutral zone by Guenin.

2:35 Hejda's clearing attempt some how stays in the zone and and Jiggy has to come up with a big save on Hudler.

1:34 Video Lock Error makes a short appearance in the game.

1:23 Ramo heads to the bench and Jiggy has to block a pass from Cammalleri that was heading to the extra man streaking into the zone all alone.

0:25 Hartley calls his time out.

0:01.9 O'Reilly makes the extra effort to get the puck out of the zone and to Duchene, who is able to get a shot off despite being dragged to the ice.  His falling down shot goes into the empty net and the Avs will win the game 4-2.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="640" height="395"></iframe>

Three Stars of the Game:

1. Mitchell - Game winning goal

2. Cammalleri - 2 goals

3. Giguere 30 saves on 32 shots.

Quick Hits:

Giguere is now 5-0-0 on the season and has allowed just 5 goals total.

The Avs are 11-0-0 when scoring the first goal of the game.

Four different defense men had assists for the Avs in this game.

Shane O'Brien played his 500th NHL game tonight.