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MHH Meet Up: MHH v. Burgundy Brigade After Hours Game - UPDATED

It's finally here! The Mile High Hockey After Hours game against the Burgundy Brigade is just around the corner!

After a false start in November in which we lost our ice, Kevin and Jamie of Burgundy Brigade have secured a date for the annual After Hours game.


The After Hours game will actually occur before hours as it's taking place prior to the December 19th game against the Edmonton Oilers. The doors will open at 3 pm, and the game will be from 4 to 5 pm. We'll have a 5 min warm-up with three 15 min run periods.


New rules this year, unfortunately. Anyone wanting to watch the game will need to buy a ticket, preferably through the Burgundy Brigade link:

The Pepsi Center will be open to anyone wanting to watch the MHH/Brigade game, whether or not you have tickets to the Avs' game. Everyone will be cleared out of the arena as soon as our game is over.

We will be heading over to Brooklyn's after our game is over so we can grub on some nomnoms before the Avs' game.

How Much:

While it is free to watch us play, there's no reason not to stay for the Avs game, too, since we have this kick ass deal to offer. Just click on the link, use the contact info below, or check out the Brigade website. We need to sell 200 tickets if we want to do this thing again, so please help us out. If you can't go, spread the word to others who might be able to. We are woefully short on that 200 number. PLEASE spread the word so that we can do this sort of thing in the future!

Discounted Ticket Pricing:
Upper level corner: $30 each (usually $41)
Upper level center: $40 each (usually $59)
Lower level and club level end: $55 each (usually $95+)
Lower level and club level corner: $60 each (usually $103+)
Lower level center: $75 each (usually $123+)
Rinkside II (rows 2-5): $85 each (usually $148+)
There are NO taxes or fees

Call Madeline Wolf at 303-405-1147 or email with questions or for help ordering tickets.


MHH still needs a goalie! If someone wants to participate but can't play for some reason, we don't mind having coaches! Just don't break the partition, kay? I hear they are expensive. Sign up for a slot, indicating what team and what position you want.

Let's make this the best After Hours game yet!