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Tanguay suffers setback, out indefinitely

Well, shit.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Tanguay is out indefinitely with a new injury. There isn't much more information than that. Adrian Dater tweeted that it is a hip injury, most likely stemming from the bum knee Tangs was nursing. The worst part is that surgery is a possibility, meaning we may lose Tanguay for much of the season if not all of it. You never know when surgery is involved.

This opens up the question of what moves the Avalanche will make. Do they look to the trade market to get another winger or shore up the defense? Do they focus their attention on a prospect, although the LEM pool is not very deep right now with their own injury woes.

We knew injuries would happen. This will be a test for sure. How will the team hold up when a major cog is lost for an undetermined, yet significant, amount of time?