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Sandie's Quick and Dirty Five Thoughts of the Week

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor
  1. Semyon Varlamov has struggled on late, during the month of December his save percentage has been .792. No one expected him to continue his .945 percentage from the month of October, but this is a far cry from what he, and the team, is obviously capable of. Jean-Sebastien has cooled off as well. In the month of October Jiggy had a .981 save percentage and so far this month he's at .898. Yes, the injuries in front of them have hurt them, and they've come back down, but they need to figure out a way to get a better percentage than they are currently sitting at. Varly's GAA has gone up by a staggering amount. He was at a nice 1.76, and now he's at a 5.61.
  2. Alex Tanguay's injury has had a bigger impact on the Colorado Avalanche than I thought it would. Tanguay played in 13 games for the Avs this season. He had 9 points in that time. The Avs won twelve of thirteen games (.923), since the injury the Avalanche have played 16 games and have won 8. That's a Hell of a difference.
  3. Something that is different than years' past is that the Head Coach actually gives information away. It started when Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic made it known that they were going to take Nathan MacKinnon during the Entry Draft and it keeps going. I enjoy watching the press conferences and, if you have a chance, I'd suggest you give it a go. Let me know what you think.
  4. I've been digging the 2014 season Patrick Bordeleau. He's already matched his points from last year. His 8 shots on net have led to 4 goals, which is rather impressive. Yes, he was getting minor penalties at the beginning of the season and if he was a smaller man they most likely wouldn't be called. But he's finding a way to cut those down without playing smaller.
  5. If anyone is still looking for that "perfect" birthday gift for me, I wouldn't say no to an awesome Avalanche mug.

All stats based on December 11th, 2013 numbers