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Sandie's Quick and Dirty Five Thoughts of the Week

Doug Pensinger

1. I am so incredibly happy that Steve Moore is attempting to do some good with the craptastic events that changed his life. The site ( already announced that their annual ping pong tournament (with NHL players) will be happening again this year. Last year the tournament raised over $100,000 which went towards SMF and the Katie Moore foundation.

2. Have I mentioned lately just how fast the Colorado Avalanche are this year? Media is commenting about it, opposing teams are noticing - and speaking out - about the fact that this team has some awesome sauce wheels.  This makes me wonder about Kyle Cumiskey and how the little Road Runner is doing.

3. Speaking of Kyle's, the fact that Kyle Quincey didn't get a suspension on his stupidly bad play on Ryan Getzlaf is beyond ridiculous. Especially given the fact that it was essentially the same play that gave Potter a two game suspension in the same week.

4. I truly believe that the NHL's chief player disciplinarian position should not be held by a former player. Instead, it should be held by a former referee. Even if the Shanaban isn't biased, it would be easier for fans to accept these widely seen injustices as more acceptable if the position was held by someone without known team bonds.

5. Happy holidays everyone, please stay safe!