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Game 36 Preview: Avalanche at Sharks

The Colorado Avalanche look for an early Christmas present against the San Jose Sharks.

Thearon W. Henderson

Twas the game before Christmas, and all through the league
Were teams pushing for points (but with schedule fatigue).
The playoffs were just half a season away
And all but the Oilers believed they could still have their day.

The Avalanche all nestled snug 3rd place
Thought ah, how good to still be in the central division race
With Patty Roy on his bench and us fans in our seats
Surely it seemed, the playoffs could be in reach!

When out on the road there arose such a splash
As an orange teal shark appeared in a flash!
Into HP Pavillion the Avs dove with such fervor
That the hockey drew even the most Californian observers

With the puck set to drop for two West Conference titans
Sid the Kid and the East couldn't help but be frightened
For how could a player who never hits nor admits it
Expect to survive in a game with such physical grit?

So while the East looked away, pretending they were important
The Avs donned their gear to take on Brad Stuart the abhorrent
At 8:30 PM on Christmas Eve's Eve
The Avalanche looked for two road points which they could thieve

With a lively new coach, so loud and so French,
Avs fans knew they had made the right choice on the bench
His Daterface masterfully twisted in scowl
With a whistle so loud, the Phoenix Coyotes would howl.

"Now Factor! Now Razor! Now Dutchy and Landy!
On Varly! On, Tanguay, On EJ and Stasnty!
To the top of the crease and the back of the net!
Fire pucks! Fire pucks! Fire pucks pour amusette!"

The Avs took the ice, their young forwards playing with gusto
But the Sharks wouldn't budge, their system robust......o
The Avs peppered the net but Niemi stood tall
This was no Christmas! No Christmas at all!

But then late in the first the top line started flying
The Sharks D saw white blurs and started their crying
With a hook and a hold a striped arm raised high
And with that the Avs knew their scoring time was nye

As they passed and they passed and they passed round again
The fans asked: "Without Tangs does the PP have a brain?"
Then suddenly off of the bench with fresh legs
Came an Avalanche forward who smelled like ham, maybe eggs

He was chubby and plump, a right jolly young wing
And I laughed when I saw him! Such a top-heavy thing!
A wink of his eye and a flick of his wrist
And the puck found the twine while Shark's fans booed and hissed

He said not a word, but lifted his knee
Captain Morgan one asked? No, McGinn! It was he!
We all know that when such a big body opens the door
Goals come in bunches and all types get to score!

Duchene and MacKinnon with dazzling stickwork
Even Bordeleau scored (which is always a perk)
Johnson and Stastny added goals to the stack
To the point where Dater asked: "Is it true? Am I a hack?"

As the third period started, the Avs held the lead
A place where their record was impressive indeed
There was one Shark a missing, by the name of young Hertl
Without his extra goals scored, no one could stop the Avs turtle

Varly with glove and with blocker and stick
Made short work of Couture and he did it right quick
Thornton he stopped with a flash of his leather
Surely a storm the Avs would easily weather

Only Pavelski, an Avs killer remained
But with Hejda and Johnson? He was deftly contained
The clock ticked to zero the Avs secured another win
2 points and a ROW! Take that Edmonton!

Roy sprang up on the bench, to his team gave a whistle
And away they all flew, quick as a missile.
But I heard him exclaim to an old Shark wearing a sneer
"What's that JR? I've got four SC Rings in my ears!"

So the Avs kept their pace with the teams in the West
And earned a relaxing 3 days of rest.
Until Friday when the Avs accept Chicago's invite
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!