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Burning Question: Move up or call up?

With P.A. Parenteau going down, does somebody get called up?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

That didn't look like a minor injury last night. Granted, we haven't heard anything definitive, but I once saw Easy Ed McCaffrey's leg break on live TV, so I'm an expert having seen such video. Now, don't get me wrong, even though Pappy hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire this season, I don't want him out of the lineup, especially due to a gruesome injury. I think we can all agree that he's a valuable piece to the Avalanche roster. But if he's down for an extended period of time, what do Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy think is the way forward?

Do they reshuffle the lines by moving Cody McLeod or Jamie McGinn up to Parenteau's spot and plug in Malone on the 4th?

Or do they give a sniper from Lake Erie a shot? Maybe Lerg, Hishon, or Agozzino?

Or do they make a need-based trade? Nah, just kidding, that will never happen.