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Daily Cupcakes: Links from around the NHL - February 12, 2013

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Sandie's still... elsewhere... so I'll be taking over for today.

Yep, that's pretty much how the game went last night.
Yep, that's pretty much how the game went last night.
Doug Pensinger

First up, a number of blogs took a look at the NHL concussion problem. 8 sites participated, and here's a full list of their posts.

Hockey fans know violence. Big hits, fights, and hard shots are a part of the game, and many times the reason that fans love it. With the information that is now known about concussions and how they affect the brain, many fans have questioned if the sport of hockey has become too violent.Today, many SBNation hockey blogs are posting various opinions on concussions in the NHL.

Ryan from over at Hockey on the Rocks has a great recap up from last night. If you're not following him on "The Twitter" (according to Sunnyside last night), you're doing it wrong: @RocksHockeyRyan.

"It's a bit frustrating. It's just unlucky. It's a bad time of the game for that to hap­pen. I passed it over to Zanon, my part­ner there, and he just tried to put it up the wall to our winger on the wall and it just bounced off the ref's skate. Popped out front," said rookie defense­man Tyson Bar­rie. "It hap­pens through­out the game. It's just tough that, at a crit­i­cal time like that, for a game as good as that, where both teams played so well, for it to end like that. What do you say?"

Last but certainly not least, this article takes a look at the extreme differences between how the Avs and the Nuggets are run.

The Kroenkes have been accused of this before, and Josh Kroenke addressed it by saying they placed equal value on both teams. This may be true in their minds but while they've bolstered the Nuggets by taking an active interest the team, they threw money at the problem of the Avalanche and entrusted it to people who, once successful, are now circling the drain as NHL executives. All while doing it with the charm and panache of a set of barbeque tongs. The Kroenkes have done the old "set it and forget it" with the Avs and its going sour like buttermilk in the sun.

So, uh.... Happy Tuesday?