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Colorado Avalanche Power Rankings Roundup

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What's the word concerning the Colorado Avalanche around the web? Our weekly collection (with a scoop of Adrian Dater) will fill you in and then some.

Doug Pensinger

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
27 19 I thought the idea was for P.A. Parenteau to come in and set up Matt Duchene for goals, not the other way around. They're really missing Gabriel Landeskog. The power play is the worst in the NHL, converting less than 10 percent of the time. In what has become a special-teams season, that is a killer.
27 18 A scheduling quirk has the Avs not playing since Wednesday. They get back at it Monday night at home against Phoenix and need to start putting together wins after losing two straight. (Make it three)
25 21 The Avs have nearly wasted the first three games of the current four-game homestand, going 1-2-0 so far. Colorado needs more than just a solid penalty kill to remain competitive.
26 22 Paul Stastny and David Jones are a combined minus-15; only four other "minus players" on the entire roster are a combined minus-8.
- - Just Missed: Carolina, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Minnesota, Edmonton

Colorado will be lucky to even sniff's top 16 the rest of the season
29 24
The Avs are $18 million under the salary cap and owned by one of the richest men on the planet: Stan Kroenke, who was featured in SI last November as the most powerful man in sports. Yet, the Avs continue to refuse to pay their leading scorer from last season (Ryan O'Reilly) what he is seeking. Fans are booing loudly at games now. It's a mess, and with all the injuries hitting the team, the bad times figure to get even worse.
27 20 Injuries are certainly affecting the Avs, but they could be more competitive - four of their six losses have been by at least three goals.

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This Week In Tweets

Matt Duchene and a really cute dog.

  1. Paisley and I are inspired by the Grammys and hoping to make it on next years show. He has the voice of an angel

Gabriel Landeskog praises the enemy.

  1. Did you guys see Pavel Datsyuks goal tonight? I don't care what team you cheer for, that's a sick goal. Wow.

Looks like this is what injured hockey players think about when they are away from the game for too long.

  1. It's important to appreciate the little things in life. I just hit 11 green lights in a row. That's a great way to start a Sunday.

Ryan O'Reilly retweets the same tweet 27 times for a good cause. This one retweeted from Big Sexy.

A warm welcome for the new Avalanche face from EJ.

  1. Happy to have here in Denver. Great kid and great player.

And lastly, what do you know, P.A. Parenteau and I enjoy the same fine literature.

  1. And here's 's 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover: