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Possible Trade Targets: Young Defensemen

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Even with a healthy roster, the Avs have a gaping hole on their blueline. Who might they target?

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Trying to predict Avalanche trades in the Sherman era is next to impossible. He's a big fan of picking up hidden gems that have become buried on their team's depth chart - players that the average fan has never even heard of before - and doing so in large, bold moves. However, it is glaringly obvious that even with a healthy team, the Avs need help at defense. With the O'Reilly situation likely to end in a trade, now is as good a time as any to think about a blueline upgrade.

So who might we target? While an in-his-prime (26-32ish) defenseman would probably be ideal, the price tag on someone that age who's capable of playing 20+ minutes a night is most likely out of our range. That leaves two options: older and younger. Given the Avs' core's young average age, the fact the team is still rebuilding, and Sherman's recent trade history, I think our most likely bet is picking up a young player.

I did some poking around on various team's rosters to see what I could find. These are some of the defensemen under the age of 26 that I felt could be serviceable #2Ds for the Avs moving forward. So, MHH, what do you think? Who should we go after, and is there someone I'm forgetting?

DISCLAIMER: I've omitted from this list any players that I strongly felt the team would never let go, such as Victor Hedman from TBL, Kris Letang from PIT, Karl Alzner from WSH, Erik Karlsson from OTT, Drew Doughty (Brad Doty lol) from LAK, and Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk from STL. There are also names on here that we probably still have no realistic chance at, like Cam Fowler. It's also entirely possible that the Avs don't end up with any of these players, but if I learn something about the young defenseman from around the league, I'll still consider this post a success.

The columns are also sortable. Red = Left handed shot, Tan = Right handed shot.

Last First Team Shot Height Weight Age Cap Hit
Fowler Cam ANA L 6'1 196 21 4
Sbisa Luca ANA L 6'2 207 22 2.175
Myers Tyler BUF R 6'8 227 23 5.5
Hjalmarsson Niklas CHI L 6'3 207 25 3.5
Kulikov Dmitry FLA L 6'1 205 22 2.5
Scandella Marco MIN L 6'3 210 22 0.845
Fayne Mark NJD R 6'3 215 25 1.3
Larsson Adam NJD R 6'3 205 20 0.925
Josi Roman NSH L 6'1 192 22 1
Hamonic Travis NYI R 6'1 206 22 0.875
Del Zotto Michael NYR L 6'0 195 22 2.55
McDonagh Ryan NYR L 6'1 213 23 1.3
Cowen Jared OTT L 6'5 230 21 1.265
Schenn Luke PHI R 6'2 229 23 3.6
Ekman-Larsson Oliver PHX L 6'2 190 21 1.75
Vlasic Marc-Edouard SJS L 6'1 205 25 4.25
Gardiner Jake TOR L 6'2 193 22 1.11
Bogosian Zach WPG R 6'3 215 22 2.5
Carlson John WSH R 6'3 218 23 3.96