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Daily Cupcakes, Wednesday Feb 13th

DDC's turn to make the Cupcakes.


Not exactly breaking news at this point, but the Columbus Blue Jackets have fired GM Scott Howson and could announce a new GM as early as today.

Despite the fact that the team has only made the postseason once and never earned a playoff win, Howson is just the second GM in franchise history. He succeeded Doug MacLean on June 15, 2007. The Blue Jackets went 173-190-59 during his time as the GM, including that lone playoff run in 2008-09.

Puck Daddy ran a great list of crazy fan signs and it's pretty good, even though it does not include the Radar O'Reilly fillies.

The Eurolanchians recently interviewed Marek Svatos and I would like to go on record as saying I think the Svats machine could help the Avs today. *sigh*

I let it on the coach. Maybe he see it best. He knows which player he needs or not. I was useless in the fourth lineup. It is hard to play for seven minutes per game. Maybe my play was not good. Then it is hard to come back.

The Avalanche have 99 problems, but a bankrupt charter airline ain't one. *drops mic*

If there is a positive to have come from the 119-day NHL lockout, it is the extra time afforded the Colorado Avalanche to locate a new charter airline for the team.