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Daily Cupcakes, Friday Feb 15

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An amalgam of Avalanche associated articles and activities assembled from around the worldwide information super autobahn.


I don't usually bake for strangers, but you seem friendly enough, so sit down. Enjoy....

Congratulations to Milan Hejduk who scored his 800th point on his 37th birthday last night. Hejduk also scored in the shootout to help the Avs tame the Minnesota Wild 4-3.

With all the doom and gloom of this gloomy and doomy season, someone managed to find a well deserved glass half-full look at a legitimate bright spot for your beleaguered Avalanche: first year Avalanche player John Mitchell.

And then there's the glass half-empty (some might same pragmatic) rendition.......

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a dog in an Avalanche jersey, but I'm not sure what exactly the gift mentioned in the photo would be. I just know I wouldn't want to clean it up.

TSN ran a "which player has the most heart" story yesterday for Valentine's Day. Not mentioned on their list of players: Ryan O`Reilly. Low blow? Well to be fair and impartial, no one from the Avs' front office was named either.

Cheryl Here with some UPDATES:

It seems articles about trading O'Reilly have amped up today, probably due in no small part to the recent recall of Kieran Millan to the Lake Erie Monsters, giving the AHL team four healthy (as far as we know) goalies. I will add here the articles as I see them.

First, from the New York Post (emphasis mine).

It is not the yet undetermined cost in assets that the Blueshirts — whose three-game winning streak ended with Thursday night’s 4-3 shootout loss to the Islanders at the Garden — would have to send to the Avalanche in order to acquire the 22-year-old pivot, but rather O’Reilly’s asking price for a contract that is discouraging a pursuit by general manager Glen Sather.