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Peaks and Valleys: Week Four

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This is a weekly feature that aims to recap recent (last ten games) player trends and news. Feel free to whine about the judgements.

Semyon Varlamov, pictured here with his entire defensive corps.
Semyon Varlamov, pictured here with his entire defensive corps.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Heh. So lemme tell ya bout this week. The Avalanche finished off a 4-game homestand by opening up a narrow lead against the visiting Phoenix Coyotes, then let their foot off the gas and gave up a late goal. After failing to convert on two power plays the Avs would be doomed by a lolbounce because why not, right? That game also saw Erik Johnson take an awkward shouder to the face, and he hasn't played since. Gaaaa! Thursday night the team traveled to Minnesota and won a game against the Wild that, from the second on, WASN'T BORING! WHAT? in the shootout. Saturday night against Edmonton The Boys™ just gave up an onslaught, including 23 SOG in the 1st alone, but hilariously found themselves out to a 4-1 lead until luck laughed and yanked the rug out from under everybody. Semyon Varlamov made 50 saves and was a BRIGHT SPOT in a loss in which the team gave up 5+1EN GOALS ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Mile High Hockey Hero of the Week: Semyon Varlamov

Give this man some help, PLEASE.

3. Ryan O'Byrne
(10GP, 16 hits 27 PiM)
Cold The defense sucks. O'Byrne fits into that mold perfectly right now.
4. Greg Zanon
(10GP, -7, 17 hits)
Cold The defense sucks. Zanon and his Beard haven't helped, although the beard itself did draw an absolutely hysterical penalty. Russo calls it a facewash here but let's be real, Konopka did the grab and yank. That ain't cool dawg.
5. Shane O'Brien
(6GP, 16:23 ATOI)
Cold The defense sucks. SOB really brought the clownshoes in Edmonton and was rewarded with less than 13 minutes of ice time, anchoring his average to the left.
6. Erik Johnson
Injured Ffffuuuuuuu, EJ is out with a don't say concussion, indefinitely.
7. John Mitchell
(9GP, 3-4-7)
Hot He's found his production maintaining about the same. This is an extended hot streak for Mitchell, and his percentages are still a bit high, but how much is it going to come down? I don't think it'll be disastrous when the house collapses.
8. Jan Hejda
(9GP, 19:52 ATOI, 31 hits)
Cold The defense sucks. Hejda is probably our best healthy defender right now and that gives me lots of sads. He gets the rating by default but hasn't made enough of a difference to shake it anyway.
9. Matt Duchene (10GP, 3-7-10, 21:57 ATOI) Hot Matt's shooting percentage is making its way back up to where it belongs; now it's sitting at 10.3% in his last ten (6.9% last week). Point per game in last 10, 14P in 13G. Hello Matt don't you dare go away again.
11. Jamie McGinn (10GP, 2-8-10, 63 shot attempts)
Hot Did you guys notice Jamie McGinn has eaten up 10 points in 10 games? His 63 shot attempts lead the team by FAR over the last ten.
12. Chuck Kobasew (10GP, 1A, 13 hits) Meh Not good. Not bad. Just Kobasew.
15. P.A. Parenteau
(10GP, 5-3-8)
Meh PA is coming back down to earth. Last week his Last 10 shooting percentage was 35%; it's at 19% now. Not that 8 points in 10 games is bad, it's just, not as good.
17. Aaron Palushaj (3GP, 1G)
The newest Av scored a goal and looks to be getting either himself or the puck into scoring areas as much as he can. Can't wait to see what he does.
22. Matt Hunwick
(8GP, 4 PiM, 20:52 ATOI)
Cold The defense sucks. Hunwick is on defense. Even if his SH time is about the worst way Sacco could use him, though, what option is there?
23. Milan Hejduk (10GP, 2-2-4) Meh The corpse of Milan Hejduk isn't rotting just yet. He's had a little bit of jump in his last few games. If he's moving about enough to grab his 800th point, there must be some life left. That's just science, man.
26. Paul Stastny
(10GP, 3-3-6, -4, 0 points in 4 games)
Goat! The sole reason the Avs lost in Edmonton, well, shared with the 4x4 Man, according to Dater. Haw. Yeah Pauly why didn't you prevent like 30 shot attempts from happening single-handedly ya fuckin bum?
37/90. Ryan O'Reilly (wallet) Injured *Jeopardy theme*
40. Mark Olver
(10GP, 1G, -5)
Cold Scored a nice goal the other night but honestly, he's not bringing a whole lot to the table right now.
41. Tyson Barrie
(4GP, 3A, ATOI 22:56, 95"yknow"/interview)
Y'know Yknow things are warming up for Barrie. He got his first yknow point assisting Hejduk's 800th point goal, and yknow picked up two more (second) assists in Edmonton. He had a fugly turnover too though yknow, you know the one.
43. Michael Sgarbossa (5GP, -3, 0 points) Nachos The Boss is learning the game by watching it from above lately.
44. Ryan Wilson
Injured Still hurt and not skating. Get well soon bud. We need dem hip checks.
54. David Jones
(8GP, 1A)
Frigid The Altidudes let it slip that his knee injury has still been nagging. But man. This dude has just been raunchy terrible.
55. Cody McLeod
(10GP, 1-1-2, 26 PiM)
Meh Cody beat up Kyle Chipchura and scored a hard-working goal in Edmonton, what more do you want?
58. Patrick Bordeleau (10GP, 32PiM, hand) Injured Bordy tore up his hand beating up Biznasty. He still playin tho cuz FUCK IT YOLO
92. Gabe Landeskog (concussion) Injured Landeskog has begun skating hard on his own, but isn't practicing yet.
35. J.S. Giguere Meh
Jiggy was responsible for the Avs shootout win in Minnesota. What Giguere won a shootout? I KNOW! He's been taking some time though because his mom is apparently in the late stages of Alzheimer's, which is shitty and MHH's thoughts are with his family.

Coming up!

The Avs have a busy week ahead, starting with an obnoxious 1pm start time today at home against the Predators. I don't get President's Day off so screwdatnoise. St. Louis comes to town Wednesday night for delayed 8pm game to fit in with NBC's Rivalry Wednesday thing. Then the Avs head to Cali for a 3-game roadswing that starts with back-to-backs Saturday at LA (2pm) and Sunday at Anaheim (8pm) (all times were MT). Oh, and Stefan Elliott will be back.