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Colorado Avalanche Power Rankings Roundup

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What's the word concerning the Colorado Avalanche around the web? Our weekly collection (with a scoop of Adrian Dater) will fill you in and then some.

Derek Leung

It's comical how much longer Sports Illustrated's analysis is compared to the other sources. It's almost as if someone from The Denver Post works there.

Outlet Rank Last Week What They're Saying
28 27 The Avs are just a pretty unremarkable team, and not a ton jumps at you either way. That's not a good thing. Gabriel Landeskog can't come back soon enough.
29 27 Ghastly collapse against the Oilers on Saturday night as they allowed an Edmonton franchise-record 56 shots and blew a 4-1 lead en route to a 6-4 loss. The Ryan O'Reilly issue remains a black cloud surrounding the team.
27 25 When 50 saves aren't enough, the Avs have issues. Goalie Semyon Varlamov could do only so much as the Oilers scored five unanswered goals in a 6-4 victory Saturday.
- 26 Nothing to see here, so take a look at Lyle Richardson's piece on the worth of Ryan O'Reilly.
- - Not sure it's even necessary to include in this anymore since they only include the top 16 teams. Ahh, screw it.
29 24
Who needs Ryan O'Reilly as long as Matt Duchene is playing like this? Duchene is proving to be a bargain and his two-year, $7 million contract has been used as the dividing line for what Avs management will offer unsigned restricted free agent center O'Reilly. Now on a gluten-free diet, Duchene looks markedly more explosive with his first step. Asked about his contract and the O'Reilly situation, Duchene told The Denver Post: "Paychecks are great. You want to get as much money as you can in this game, but for me, I love this game so much, I love this team and this franchise and this city, there's no way I could have held out. I'm not saying what (O'Reilly) is doing is wrong or right. It's his own business." Kumbaya. Still, with defensive and injury problems, it will be a struggle for Colorado to hang around the .500 mark.
27 20 As the Avalanche wait patiently for some resolution to the Ryan O'Reilly contract dispute, they can take some solace in the quality of production (17 points, plus-6 in 14 GP) they are getting from C Matt Duchene, the restricted free agent centre they did get signed to a new contract for this season.

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This Week's Twitter Chatter

Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny visit U.S. Veterans like bosses.

  1. One of them was Betty Jo Reed, a 96 year old woman who served as a W.A.S.P. Check out the pic of the 3 of us!

Who was Jamie McGinn's Valentine this year?

  1. ": Taking valentines applications. And no it can't be you again this year!!" A close second right?

Also, McGinn maleness: confirmed.

If you're going to Bonnaroo this year, keep your eye out for perennial party boy Shane O'Brien.

  1. What a lineup for 2013. Can't wait to hit it up this summer with The Roo Crew..

The sad thing is, John Mitchell as a zombie (below) doesn't look that much different from this classic gem.

Gabriel Landeskog entertains as usual.

Calvin Pickard gives a shout out to Barrie. He's also apparently a high school girl.

  1. Congrats to the mutant/freak they call on his first nhl goal

And lastly, we haven't heard much from Ryan O'Reilly but his father continues with his....expertise.

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