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Ticket Deals: Blues at Avalanche

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Since this has come up recently in a couple of threads, I thought I would remind folks that SBN has a partnership with TiqIQ to provide fans with a convenient place to find Colorado Avalanche tickets. At the top of every MHH page you will see a link for TICKETS. Click it and you'll see a list of all upcoming Avalanche games, home and away. Click on tomorrow's Blues game, for example, and you'll find some $10 upper bowl tickets available and some lower bowl tickets for as low as $36 (as of this writing, of course). You can play around with the filters for quantity, location, price and e-ticket option to help you narrow your selection.

MHH does receive a small commission when tickets are purchased through this portal. But I am mostly sharing this because it seems like a fairly cool service and the persistent MHH link is convenient for potential buyers, IMO. I mean, you're already hanging out here already, right? Since I haven't had an occasion to use the service myself, I'm interested in any feedback you may have, especially if you've used it in the past.