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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the unlocked out NHL - February 22nd, 2013

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Doug Pensinger

Recently, Gabriel Landeskog talked about his head injury. He seems to have learned something from the hit.

He’s watched the video of the hit over and over.

‘‘Didn’t really see him coming,’’ Landeskog said. ‘‘I didn’t think he was coming at that speed. You’ve got to be smart like that. You should know he’s a physical player and he’s coming. Part of the responsibility is on me.’’

Semyon Varlamov was happy to get the shutout against the Blues.

Wednesday night, Varlamov held resolute for sixty-four minutes. He turned away 33 shots in the process, and gave the Avalanche the chance they needed at the end.

"That was big thing for me for sure, to get a shutout today," Varlamov said following his second shutout of the season. "[The games] against Edmonton and the last game [versus Nashville], were rough games for me. I gave up ten goals in two games so I was not happy. Then today, good things happened."

There is a short little blurb on Vancouver Sun about the Avs game; including this gem:

This was Jones’s first goal since Jan. 22.

The New York Times has a story about Martin Brodeur. It also discusses some of the "interesting" characters who have played the position of goalie in the NHL. Including this guy:

The loopiest goalie of all was Gilles Gratton, who bounced around in the minors in the ’70s before ending his career with the St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers. Gratton liked to skate in the nude sometimes, wearing just his goalie mask, and refused to play if the stars did not line up properly. He believed that in a previous life he was an executioner who stoned people to death, and that he was fated to become a goalie — someone on the receiving end of a stoning, so to speak — as punishment.

Brian Burke has found a home.

"We are happy to welcome Brian back to the organization," Ducks general manager Bob Murray said in a statement on the team’s website. "Anytime you can add a person of his quality to your staff, it makes your organization better. We’ve had success working together before and look forward to doing it again."

No specifics were provide on the depth and particulars of Burke’s new role with the team.

A scary moment happened during the Jets practice: Redmond took a skate to the leg cutting an artery, he was rushed to surgery.

Winnipeg Jets defenceman Zach Redmond underwent surgery Thursday after being cut by a skate during practice earlier in the day.

Redmond was rushed to hospital in the Raleigh area to repair a laceration to his right femoral artery and vein in his mid-thigh region. The surgery took approximately three hours.

Quick: which head coach is currently the longest serving coach for one team? Want to find out who fills out the remaining Top 5? Check out the link.


He’s the only coach in the history of the Nashville Predators franchise, now in his 13th season behind the bench and the longest-serving NHL coach after Ruff’s firing.

An interesting story out of Belfast.

The Belfast Giants pro hockey team staged a coup earlier this month after discovering that new owner Christopher Knight is listed on a sex offenders registry in Florida.

The players, including 10 Canadians, and other staff walked away from their contracts with Knight and, through a series of legal wranglings with the company that operates the Giants' home arena, effectively started a new team with the same name.

"Now he's got a company with no players, no arena to play in and no staff."

Molson Coors have announced that they were hurt by the NHL lockout.

"If you look at the fourth quarter compared to the previous quarters it was worse than the rest of the year and the third quarter was worse than the first and second quarter. So obviously the NHL lockout did have an effect but it’s impossible to quantify exactly to what extent."

Swinburn had vowed last year to seek financial compensation from the National Hockey League and said Thursday the company has reached a confidential agreement.

He declined to provide any details, saying any compensation won’t be specifically identified in its financial results.

The NHL declined to comment on agreements that may have been reached with other league sponsors.