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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the unlocked out NHL -February 4th, 2013

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Dustin Bradford

The Colorado Avalanche really wanted Micheal Sgarbossa to make his way to Denver.

Woken from a dead sleep at 3 a.m. Tuesday, Michael Sgarbossa grabbed his cell phone to find three missed messages waiting.

Something was definitely up.

Curiosity quickly turned to excitement once Colorado was revealed to be the origin of the calls.

Moments later, his hotel phone was ringing and hotel security was banging on his door as a final insurance measure.

The commotion couldn’t have been more welcomed.

Want to know what ex-Nordiques Owen Nolan is up to?

When Owen Nolan finally retired, he knew he needed to do something other than just sit around his home in San Jose.

So the former NHL power forward turned to one of his other passions — the outdoors. This summer, he and his buddies, along with some former teammates, will be catching fish and doing a little hunting on a new show called Sportsman 360 TV.

Ten shows have been shot and another three will be filmed this spring, with the 30-minute episodes being aired on Wild TV in Canada in July. The first season will have seven fishing and six hunting episodes; several U.S. networks are also in negotiations for the show.

An interesting article about the off-ice, non-financial, perks that the new CBA provided players.

The creature comforts are many when you play in the NHL, swanky hotels, people to lug your gear, plush travel on customized jets.

Well, maybe that last one doesn’t apply to everyone this year.

Call it one of the casualties of the lockout, but several teams, the Montreal Canadiens among them, have only been able to charter regularly-configured passenger aircraft rather than the luxury first-class jets of old – this is something of a drag when you’re trying to stretch an NHL-sized body out after the exertions of a road game.

Another link: Jibblescribbits, Dario and I (Cheryl) did a podcast with Adrian Dater yesterday at Govnr's Park Tavern prior to the Superbowl activities. Focus of the discussion was the Ryan O'Reilly saga, but other topics popped in as well, one of which forced us all to take a drink.

New “Hockey Talk” podcast: the Ryan O’Reilly debate