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Daily Cupcakes - Links from around the unlocked out NHL - February 5th, 2013

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Doug Pensinger

An interesting article about the on-going preparations in Russia.

Of the 2,000 Sochi and area homeowners displaced by construction, a few families still haven't settled their claims for compensation.

One of the last holdouts, the Mzokov family, watched the home they built in 1999 bulldozed in September to make way for a road far from the Olympic site. A nasty fight ensued over legal ownership, and Natalia Mzokova is furious.

"We got legal registration in 1999. But nobody talks to us, all the courts take the side of the authorities. We have all the proper documents and they do not even look at them," she says. "So much money spent on Olympics and our house was not in the way."

One of the men accused of being involved in the Vancouver Riots is taking the stand. He doesn't deny being part of the mob, nor being in a video showing him damaging stores; however, he claims is not guilty.

How did the man in the green T-shirt respond to the crowd, Tomasson asked the witness.

“He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit,” Potocky said. “When they were cheering him on he raised his arms in celebration.”

Potocky said that within minutes of posting his footage the day after the riot, someone had identified Kirkwood and sent him more information via Facebook. He said both the accused and an apparent mutual friend requested he remove the clips, but he refused.

Potocky handed his footage over to the police.

Kirkwood’s lawyer, Jonathan Waddington, did not cross-examine the witness. He later reminded reporters his client had already agreed he was in the video.

When a player reaches 1,000 games played it's a big deal. When he does with only one team it's incredible. Milan Hejduk played in his 1,000 game in Avalanche gear last night and even scored. had a piece on the Duke.

"I never expected a career like this, so I'm pretty happy," Hejduk, who will turn 37 on Feb. 14, said. "I'm pretty happy I've played for one organization. It's pretty special. I've stayed healthy and shown a decent level of play, so the team wants to keep you."

Hejduk scored 20 or more goals in 11 consecutive seasons to tie Sakic's franchise record before ending with 14 goals last season to match his total as a rookie. He's no longer a prolific scorer and is on a one-year contract that probably will be his last. But he is a valuable team leader and one of the Avalanche's most respected and liked players.