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News of the Colorado Avalanche - Links from around the NHL - March 18th, 2013

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports has a preview of the Chicago game.

The Avalanche followed the victory over Chicago with a 3-2 overtime win over San Jose last Sunday, but have yielded 15 goals in losing the next three. With a Western Conference-low 24 points, Colorado is running out of time to save its season.

"We've got to figure it out here and start to work together," said forward Matt Duchene, who has five goals and six assists in six games. "It's not effort and it's not talent. We've got both of those. I think it's just concentration. Everyone is so scared to make mistakes."

Some of the Vancouver non-Cup rioters are breaching their court orders.

Almost 200 people have been charged since the June 2011 riot, and 56 of them have been convicted and sentenced to various terms ranging from jail to house arrest.

The Integrated Riot Investigation Team has been monitoring dozens of the rioters to make sure they are meeting the terms of their sentences.

The team’s Detective Const. Raj Mander said it has been difficult to keep tabs on the convicted rioters, because most of them live outside Vancouver.

He said one rioter has had six charges of breach approved, and another awaiting trial has been arrested and charged for a second, violent offence.

Luongo and Schneider have shot a clip about the goalie controversy. It's actually rather funny. Video can be found in the article.

The next shot is of Schneider, who is working on a crossword puzzle.

“Hey Lou, you got a six-letter word? Clue is opposite of ‘to move forward’”

“Backup,” he answers.

“Yeah, that fits,” Schneider smirks as Luongo smacks the newspaper out of his hand and leaves in a huff.

The best scene is when Luongo flushes and comes out of the bathroom stall to an eager Schneider.

Ron MacLean doesn't like when goalies are sprayed during shoutouts.

“You can see the snow was right in Rask’s face,” said MacLean, an experienced junior hockey referee. “If I skated in one-on-one with a water bottle in my hand and sprayed you in the face and deposited the puck, it’s almost as bad.”

It’s also, he believes, counter-intuitive to what goaltenders are taught to do from the earliest age.

“A lot of what made me think of it was that Marty Brodeur’s goalie coach, Jacques Caron, was honoured in New Jersey,” said MacLean. “His main message to Brodeur always was keep your eye on the puck … that’s their biggest deal is to keep their eye on the puck, but they can’t if they’re being sprayed.”