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Stastny and Ryan Wilson are injured, Stefan Elliott sent to Lake Erie, Tyson Barrie recalled

Relax, I've got this
Relax, I've got this
Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Adrian Dater has provided some injury updates on the Avalanche via that weird Sulia thingy that won't get off of our lawn. Paul Stastny is expected to be out for 10 days with the foot injury suffered against the Canucks last night. In news that may or may not be related, the NHL trading deadline is 9 days away so there is at least a small chance that we have seen Stastny in an Avalanche for the last time. Hopefully, that will not be the case. Meanwhile, defenseman Ryan Wilson reinjured his ankle last night and has been placed on the IR. With just a month left on the season, it wouldn't be shocking if Wilson was put on the shelf for the rest of the year. As Steve House would say, we'll no doubt here much more from the Avalanche on this really, really soon so please hold your breath while waiting.

While the injury news isn't great, there is news today that the Avs' season has been saved. That's right, Tyson Barrie has been recalled, just in time for the Avalanche to reel off 16 straight wins. I must have missed the news, but Stefan Elliott was demoted on Sunday before the game. Barrie has been nursing a hip injury and has not played for Lake Erie since March 17th, when he scored a goal and an assist in a losing effort against the Marlies.