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Avalanche at Flames, Game 32 Preview

So which team will show up tonight: the sucky one that gets blown out, the mediocre one that loses by a goal, or the good one that executes systems and such?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The bad news is that Paul Stastny and Ryan Wilson are out for the Avalanche. The good news is that Tyson Barrie has finally been freed. At this point, I'm going to watch just to see him and Jan Hejda paired together again.

Apparently, the Avs had a good practice yesterday before heading out to Calgary. Uptempo, they called it. Maybe that will give them a spark. JS Giguere felt that a shitty practice before the Vancouver game told of bad things to come. He was right.

Fortunately for Colorado, however, is the fact that the Flames have sucked ass just as much. Sitting only two points ahead of the good guys at 14th in the Western Conference, Calgary is poised to take control of the Tank and drive it straight to a top draft pick.

Joe Sacco's imminent departure took a bit of a haitus this week as future head coach David Quinn signed on to coach the BU Terriers. He's sticking around for the remainder of the season to watch the team go down the tubes before heading off to his new gig. Isn't that nice of him? (Personally, I think he's taking notes of what not to do.) Thus, with heir apparent hitting the road, Sacco doesn't have to look down the bench to see his successor anymore. Maybe he'll relax a bit and stop this insane "what the fuck am I gonna do with this team tonight" game.

I'm not really sure what more to say. I honestly can't be bothered. Besides, we all know how freaking lazy I am, so what else can we expect?

Cheers. And, uh, go Avs?

Game Time: 8:00 pm MT/2:00 am GMT—Watch on TSN or Altitude 2; Listen on Altitude Radio