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Peaks & Valleys: Week Six

This is a weekly feature that aims to recap recent (last ten games) player trends and news. Feel free to whine about the judgements.

":D" -PA Parenteau
":D" -PA Parenteau

The Avs took home 4 of a possible 6 points this week, starting with a 3-2 overtime loss in San Jose to cap a less-than-outstanding California road trip. The Boys™ came back home for a Thursday nighter against the Flames, who saw the Avalanche go up big against Edmonton a few weeks back and then blow it and said "ya know, that's a pretty solid game plan, let's try it." Avs cap an emotional rollercoaster of a day with a 5-4 comeback victory. On Sunday they headed over to Ohio for a matinee date with the Blue Jackets, mailed in a terribly flat performance and fell in OT, 2-1.

Mile High Hockey Hero of the Week: Jay Feaster

In a move that was/n't jam-packed with pants-on-head derpitude, Jay Feaster ended our long Avs National nightmare by signing O'Reilly to an offer sheet. The Avs responded by spotting the Flames 3 goals to lull the organization into premature jubilee, then announcing they would match and lol'ing all the way home to victory; and then of course the next day we learn it was possible that the Flames would have lost O'Reilly to waivers. Maybe. It's all... gray and murky and lawyery. Thanks Jay for putting an end to a situation that didn't seem to have one. You're still my favorite GM in the league.

3. Ryan O'Byrne
(10GP, 21 hits, 1-2-3)
Cold You know, I almost want to say he's doing better, but I'm afraid that's because he's had 3 points in 4 games, including the goal against Calgary that started the roflcomeback. Let's see how it goes from here.
4. Greg Zanon
(10GP, 13 hits)
Cold (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Okay okay, he's been playing slightly less terrible, in exactly the same way that -40 is slightly less cold than -41.
5. Shane O'Brien
(6GP, 2A)
O'Brien has 4 minor penalties in the last 2 games. Apart from that he honestly has been okay.
6. Erik Johnson
Injured In great news for the Avs but maybe not so great news for Stefan Elliott, EJ has returned to practice (albeit bepumpkined) and is with the Avs on their current road trip. WOO FUCKING HOO.
7. John Mitchell
(9GP, 2-1-3, 20 hits)
Cold 3 points in 9 games, only 1 in his last 7, but hey at least he's keeping himself involved in the play by racking up 20 hits in that time.
8. Jan Hejda
(10GP, 3A, 24 hits)
Meh The only guy I don't have a quick and easy joke about in our entire D:-corpse. It's been nice to see him pitch in offensively with 3 assists in 3 games but he needs to stay out of the penalty box so he can kill the penalties of others.
9. Matt Duchene (9GP, 5-5-10) (groin) Injured? He missed the game in San Jose with a groin injury that was caused by a lingering charlie horse, which explains his 3 games with no points in a row; his goal per game + pace is still propped up by two 3-point games two weeks ago.
11. Jamie McGinn (10GP, 2-4-6, 53 shot attempts)
Cold 1 assist in 6 games doesn't do it for me. Neither does not a single shot attempt against the BJs yesterday. If you want a trip to Red Robin (and you do) you betta earn that shit naw mean?
12. Chuck Kobasew (10GP, 2G, 12 hits) Meh Despite his ice time dwindling to less than 10 minutes a night in the last week, Chuckie continues to play pretty okay checking line hockey eh Dario?
15. P.A. Parenteau
(10GP, 2-7-9)
Mad The last 4 games have seen PA take 4 minor and one misconduct penalty, many of the frustration variety. Alternate rating: Wizard, for the Giordano-befuddling puck juggling Thursday and the pretty little knucklepuck chip shot goal in Columbus.
17. Aaron Palushaj (7GP, 2-2-4)
Nachos The return of Landeskog and O'Reilly would lead one to expect minimal starts for Babapaloosh moving forward, unless Jones takes some time to nurse that knee AND HE DAMN WELL SHOULD.
22. Matt Hunwick
(9GP, 2A, 20:54 ATOI)
Meh I like a lot of the things he's doing on the ice right now. Quick decisions under pressure and killing overtime penalties without his stick are not among them.
23. Milan Hejduk (10GP, 2-3-5) Meh No points for us this week, and his ice time has dwindled to sub-13:00 in that time too. Took a painful hit from a flying Blue Jacket yesterday but returned to the game.
26. Paul Stastny
(10GP, 2-4-6)
Meh Stastny had a goal and an assist in the Flames comeback, and should be able to play a more scoring role as Ryan O'Reilly gets re-acclimatized to NHL speed. Somehow he's still goating it up for the Denver Post folks though. I dunno.
37/90. Ryan O'Reilly (1GP, $10M/2yrs) Small
Well he got his money... Looked like he still has his awareness at the NHL level but needs a few games to get his legs back under him.
40. Mark Olver
(8GP, 2G, 8:39 ATOI)
Nachos It's only a matter of time before someone has to go back to Lake Erie, and due to the waiver situation, he's one of the prime candidates. The return of O'Reilly bumps him down the depth chart a peg.
41. Tyson Barrie (10GP, 1-5-6)
Meh Barrie really looks good these days. I don't know that he's ready for 22:38 ATOI just yet but hey, injuries dictate what injuries dictate. When his comrades return he should have a lot more time and space on the ice to work with.
44. Ryan Wilson
Injured He's also been skating bepumpkined lately but did not travel with the team, unless that decision changed at the last minute.
46. Stefan Elliott (3GP) Nachos Sacco has established a pattern with his Monsters: Play them for 1-3 games, then bench them to watch the game from above for about a week, then bring them back into the fold. Elliott's scheduled return will come just as injuries heal, sadly for him.
54. David Jones
(10GP, 2-4-6)
Cold Ya know I think some of the frost is starting to shake off though. He's had two multipoint games in his last 10, but still no points in 4 of his last 5. Rumors of a nagging knee injury would explain a lot... if he'd ever pause to heal it.
55. Cody McLeod
(10GP, 2-1-3, 12 PiM)
Meh Nice little write-up about Cody's less-fighty role with the Avs by Chambers. One game later he got in a grappling bout with Dalton Prout, lol.
58. Patrick Bordeleau (10GP, 1A 18PiM,) Meh Bordy got his first career point against San Jose, which is awesome, and then beat up Jared Boll, who got punchier after they fell down (which I personally think Bordy should take as a sign the fight isn't over, get up, and punch him more).
92. Gabe Landeskog (5GP, 1-3-4) Meh Boy did he ever take over for his first career 3-point game against the Flames, but he vanished with the rest of the team (except Varly) somewhere between Denver and Columbus.
1. Semyon Varlamov Roller
of Love
Guest review from Scyllai, after seeing my remark that his Sv% has gone up down up down up down every game: "he is the konami code...left right left right in the goal, and he's a BA who starts. ta-da!" Seriously, he's > .920 and then sub-.850.
35. J.S. Giguere Meh
We haven't seen him since the Anaheim game. He flew home to attend his mother's funeral yesterday, resulting in the emergency callup of Calvin Pickard from LE. All the best to the Giguere family.

Coming up!

A full week with zero patsies stares the Avs right in the face as they go into the Joe to face the detroit red wings Presented By Amway on Tuesday (5:30pm MT), then have a Rivalry Wednesday game against friend of the blog the Chicago Blackhawks, what? (6:00pm MT) Seriously, NBC, If they aren't all rivalries, this was a terrible promotional idea. Chi-town returns the favor with the second half of a home-and-home on Friday (7pm MT), followed by the Sharks coming to town on Sunday (6pm MT). Should be a tough challenge, and the Blackhawks offer the opportunity for the Avs to play Trap Game and spoil The Streak To Rule Them All.