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News of the Colorado Avalanche - Links from around the NHL - March 5th, 2013

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Let's start off with a sad one. Dominic Moore opens up about the recent death of his wife and Steve Moore 's injury.

"He has never been the same," Dominic Moore says. A lawsuit is still pending. There has been no compensation. "He and his wife are supporting themselves. But that’s a tale for another time." He pauses momentarily. "No one has a say in what events happen to us."

Moore, now an unrestricted free agent, is speaking on the phone from Boston, where he and his wife had decided to make their home. His NHL career had taken him to a new city almost every year for the previous 10 years. But they had met at Harvard and had been together ever since. Boston was the landscape of their love affair.

Hockey life is often hard on relationships, but Katie followed him everywhere, sacrificing the chance for her own career. "There’s a lot of uncertainty, certainly with my career," he explains. " I was always changing cities. She is my rock and foundation," he says, reverting back to present tense. "Life as a professional athlete is almost necessarily selfish. It takes so much focus to compete at that level. And that plays into the role the wives play," he says. "She knew I was pursuing my childhood dream."

After that I needed something a bit happier, Alex Tanguay reflects on being part of the Stanley Cup team, not only that, but we get a glimpse at what Matt Duchene was doing when Tanguay was scoring the goals in the 2001 Final game.

He didn’t miss and the Avs went on to win their second Stanley Cup. They won that game 3-1 with Tanguay scoring two of the goals. The fans were ecstatic, including a young boy in Canada who loved the Avs.

"My parents I think were out of town and I had a babysitter or something. I remember sitting on the chair with a big bowl of popcorn on my legs when Tanguay scored the first wrap-around and I jumped up and the popcorn went everywhere," Avs forward Matt Duchene said. "So I remember it pretty vividly."

Duchene was only 10 years old at the time.

There has been another suspension.

Patrick Kaleta won't be in the Buffalo Sabres' lineup for the next couple of weeks.

The forward was suspended five games by the NHL on Monday for a boarding incident against the New York Rangers Sunday night, the NHL's department of player safety announced on the league's official website.

An article about You Can Play.

"Picture the first gay athlete," he says. "Picture what he’s like. Most people picture a good-looking, well-spoken, handsome, comfortable, usually white.

"But what if he’s not? What if he doesn’t like the media, like a lot of guys? What if he’s a redneck, and all he wants to do is hunt and play hockey? What if he’s not good-looking? People talk about that guy in the abstract. We’re trying to be prepared for the guy who isn’t that. That guy isn’t going to need us much. We just want to be prepared for the guy who wants to come out and be left the hell alone."

It is an important point; maybe the first active pro athlete to come out won’t want to be the voice of a generation, or the face of a movement, or Jackie Robinson. Maybe it will just be a player who wants to be honest without being a symbol, because he shouldn’t have to be a symbol. If so, there will be pressure, and perhaps criticism.