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MHH Meet Up: Watch Party for Blackhawks @ Avs Friday, March 8

Since Friday's game against the Hawks is pretty close to sold out or costing ridiculous money on ticket sites, we're putting together a watch party!


In addition to watching the game with cool peeps, you'll get a chance to meet our European brethren if you get there early. The Eurolanche crew has safely made it to Denver and are going to the game.

Before we make calls, though, we need to get an idea of how many people would want to attend the watch party. Right now, we're hoping to get some room in the upper level of Brooklyn's, but we need to know the numbers. We will most likely set the time to get tables for 6:45 so that it gives the people going to the game time to clear out and the staff time to clean everything up. Lots of room to stand around with beers in hand before that, though!

So who's in?

UPDATE: Seats will be available in spades after people leave for the game. So if you want to join in, just come on by. No reservations needed. Prior to 6:30, it's all first come, first served!