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Elliott sent back to Monsters, Johnson off IR

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With Stefan Elliott going back to the Monsters and Erik Johnson coming off injured reserve, Avs fans can expect our top defenseman back in the lineup tomorrow.


Only one guy left Denver. That means only one guy is coming back to the lineup, and that guy is Erik Johnson.

It is no surprise that Elliott is the player being sent down. He has had a rough run of it so far this season, despite showing some glimpses of why the Avalanche drafted him. Moreover, it was either him or Tyson Barrie going to Cleveland as soon as one of Johnson or Ryan Wilson was ready to return. With the way Barrie has been playing, there was no way he was going anywhere.

Getting a top defenseman back in the line up could not have come at a better time considering tomorrow is a home game and another chance at breaking the Blackhawks' winning streak. Now if only Sacco would dump the five forward power play crap and take advantage of the talent he has in EJ.