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Blackhawks at Avalanche, Game 23 Preview

Avs had a good chance to stop Chicago's historic streak on Wednesday night. Will the second time be the charm?


The last week has been a good one for the Colorado Avalanche just about everywhere but the scoreboard. The Avs put up impressive efforts in back to back games in Detroit and Chicago, and despite a number of excellent chances and strong offensive pressure they were unable to earn a point in either match. Matt Duchene and P.A. Parenteau are having excellent seasons, Gabriel Landeskog and Ryan O`Reilly are steadily returning to form, Ryan Wilson is on the mend, and Erik Johnson is set to make his return to the lineup tonight. Nonetheless, an inability to score in Detroit and a last minute loss in Chicago has dropped the Avs back to a lackluster 8-10-4 record and melted away most fans' optimism since the O'Reilly signing. Now the Avs limp home with just 1-point on their road trip for a rematch against the NHL's best, and still unbeaten in regulation, Chicago Blackhawks.

Now, forgive me if you've heard this before, but I think our own Cheryl Bradely said all that needs to be said on this one back on Wednesday.

But tonight's the night the Avs make history. The time is drawing near for the Blackhawks. In hockey, one day you're up, and the next day you're down. The Hawks are going down. And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it.

The Avs know what they've gotta do. The boys have to show up on time. They need to light up everybody. Who can we get to win the fight? Between Varly and Landy, they're really gonna give 'em hell. Of course Dutchy will be a man of miracles. The team is so tired of losing, the time for a pure win has come at last.

The jig is up, the news is out. Let a new day come. The Hawks will feel like nothing's going right at all. The Avs aren't here to be denied.
Winner takes all tonight, and I've got this crazy feeling, it will be the Avs.

The Avs just didn't read that one hard enough Wednesday morning, but tonight is different. Tonight marks the second half of the season for the Blackhawks. It's up to the Avs to make sure it doesn't start off as well as the first one did.

Game Time: 7:00 pm MT, 3:00 2:00 GMT TV: ALT,NHLN-US Radio: ALT