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Game 40 Preview: Avalanche at Ducks

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Jeff Gross

After a shit storm hit the fan via the eloquent words of goaltender JS Giguere, both coach and players defended the honest assessment of the team. Analysts (apart from those boobs at NBCSN) also applauded Jiggy's condemnation of the way the Avalanche have been playing. It will be interesting to see if any of that translates to the ice.

The Ducks are cruising right along this year, finding themselves up at the top o' the Western Conference with the Chicago Blackhawks. Add that to the facts that Anaheim always owns Colorado and the Avs are playing like Bertuzzi, I wouldn't blame anyone for not tuning into this one. Of course, the boys play well in those "big games", so who knows.

I'd love to write a nice long preview, detailing out the pros and cons going into this game. However, there isn't much more to say. This team is crap right now. They know it. We know it. The media knows it. It would be nice if the owner knew it, too, and did something about it.

It would also be nice if I won the lottery.

Game time: 8 pm MT on ALT 2