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Can Recent Play Save the Jobs of Joe Sacco and Greg Sherman?

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The Avalanche have just done something they've only done one other time this year: they've earned a point in 3 straight games (amazingly, both "streaks" have involved mostly road games). Of course, it kind of sucks that things are so bad that two wins sandwiched around a shootout loss is something to get excited about. And, it's a little late to help where it really matters as the Avalanche have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs (the best they can do is 46 points, while 8 teams have a minimum floor of 47 points). Right now, the Avalanche are simply playing for pride.

Or, could there be more?

The prevailing wisdom is that Greg Sherman and Joe Sacco are going to lose their jobs when the season ends. I'm not personally hoping for that, it's just they way things are in professional sports. Both kept their jobs after the 2010-2011 - which was the first time in 20 years of the franchise that a coach has been retained after leading a team to a sub-.500 record over a full season. In 1990-91, Dave Chambers guided a BAD Avalanche to the first pick in the Eric Lindros draft. He kept his job, but was fired after a 3-14-1 start the following year.

The Avalanche won't get to .500 this year, but could a late surge save the job of Sherman or Sacco? This season never really got on track for the Avalanche, but - and maybe this is a function of the shortened schedule - it doesn't "feel" like a disaster. While they never got a great run going, it feels like they were much more competitive than they were in other recent bad seasons. Hell, they are one of just two teams to beat both the Blackhawks and Ducks in regulation so that should count for something, right? (No, it actually doesn't).

At any rate, I can't help but wonder if a late rally here, one that shows this team really is capable of playing the hockey we thought we might see from them this year, might just be enough to spare the axe for either their coach or GM. Or maybe the team will just go back to losing and render this entire question moot. It could go either way.