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Hockey Fans Unite: MHH joins other SBN sites for joint thread

In a smart and classy move, the NHL has postponed tonight's Bruins game against the Ottawa Senators. As such, the fans of the Bruins are left without hockey this evening. So in support of our friends in Boston, we're moving our live thread to Stanley Cup of Chowder.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Everyone here at Mile High Hockey sends our love and thoughts to the people of Boston during this horrific tragedy. As part of that, we're shifting our regular game day live thread to Stanley Cup of Chowder, SBN's site for the Boston Bruins. We'll be joined by fans of teams across the hockey community as all sites with games tonight are redirecting traffic there. Let's tell the people of Boston that they are in our hearts and minds by bringing our sense of humor to Stanley Cup of Chowder's Public Skate thread, hosted by a site that's nothing less than a class act.

Comments here will still be open, but we encourage you to head over to SCoC. Please remember that our levels of sarcasm may be higher than that of other fans, so gauge the audience before you put too much snark out there.