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Hishon Update: He's A-Okay

Adrian Dater reported on Friday that Joey Hishon has returned to the ice, skating with the Monsters on Thursday. Dater spoke with one of Joey's neurologists and reported that the prognosis is good.

"He's feeling much better than last week," said Daniel Gallucci, an osteopath with the Carrick Institute in Marietta, Ga. "I think the stress and anxiety produced by the latest one was originally a concern, but his symptoms have improved."

Gallucci said Hishon will receive treatment at the Carrick Institute next week, likely receiving treatment in the same GyroStim spinning chair that helped him recover from a first concussion that sidelined him nearly two years.

This is good news. The Monsters season ended last night, and although Hishon only got 9 games under his belt, his future looks bright. He'll have the chance to get some off-season workouts in before hitting the ice in Denver this September. His appearance at training camp is eagerly awaited by fans and certainly by Joey himself.