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Detailed Reporting: Your Playoffs Live Thread for May 16

LAST NIGHT'S RESULT: dET 1 - 4 CHI, Blackhawks lead 1-0

i think i have seen this LA Kings episode before
i think i have seen this LA Kings episode before
Jeff Gross

Two games tonight. Both will be on NBC Sports, TSN, and RDS. The second round has been a pretty hardcore letdown compared to the end of the first, but we get our first Game 2 of the conference semis tonight as well as a new series between:

#6 New York Rangers at #4 Boston Bruins

7:30 Eastern

Both teams required seven games to defeat their first round opponents. Both teams scored 5 goals in said seventh game. BWAAAH??

I think the Rangers are outclassed in this one. Washington made the playoffs by beating up on a bad division. The Rangers squeaked in by belonging to a bad conference. Boston will be a tough test for them... but then, Boston needed a third period comeback of historic proportions to remind the Toronto Maple Leafs that they are in fact the Toronto Maple Leafs, so maybe I'm giving them too much credit.

#6 San Jose Sharks at #5 Los Angeles Kings (Kings lead series 1-0)

10:00 Eastern

Jonathan Quick threw out a clean sheet in Game One as the Kings won 2-0. LA kinda sorta maybe almost look a bit like the team that pulled together a hot streak in last year's playoffs and won the whole damn thing. San Jose looked like a team that hadn't played in a week because they got a first round bye, but the rested bodies should be more of a boon than a burden tonight.