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Happy weekend: Playoffs live thread, May 18

Pittsburgh defeated Ottawa 4-3 last night and lead the series 2-0.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Today we've got an early game and a late game. Nothing in between.

#7 detroit red wings at #1 Chicago Blackhawks (1-0 CHI)

1:00 Eastern, NBC, CBC

Game 1 of this one was pretty fuckin dull. Here's hoping Amway's team comes out with some desperation and makes a game out of it this afternoon.

#5 Los Angeles Kings at #6 San Jose Sharks (2-0 LAK)

9:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, TSN, RDS

Now here's one that's gotten good.

LA jumped out to a 2-0 lead in Game 2, at which point Dater tweeted that despite the Sharks starting to out play them, they had this in the bag. Then San Jose scored three unanswered to lead 3-2, and Dater apologized to Kings fans for the jinx. Minutes later, as the game wound down, San Jose took a bad penalty (hooking, I think) and a penalty that is bad (super borderline puck over the glass) to go down two men. LA would score twice in 22 seconds to win 4-3. The Dater Jinx is alive and well, and also this series is pretty exciting now, and also fuck the puck over the glass penalty in that situation. Jeez.