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News of the Colorado Avalanche - Links around the NHL - May 2nd, 2013

Doug Pensinger

In CBC's 30 Thoughts, Brodeur confirms he isn't considering retirement.

9. Martin Brodeur, asked if we could consider retiring: "Why would I? I've still got the fire."

Wonder why Kane has a mullet? It started out as a joke.

Carmelo Preiti cut Patrick Kane’s hair for the first time in training camp four years ago. It became a monthly ritual, with the Chicago Blackhawks forward visiting the upscale salon throughout the season. When the playoffs arrived, Kane wanted something new.

He asked Preiti for his opinion. Preiti, the son of a barber, showed Kane an old picture of Jaromir Jagr and a curly, shoulder-length mullet. Preiti thought they were joking around.

Kane liked what he saw.

In the Sportsnet mailbag Jeff Marek says Roy could be a good coaching candidate for the Avalanche.

Jeff Marek: Considering this is a young growing team this is a squad that needs a teacher, someone who can shepherd a group of fresh-faced hockey players as they grow to respectability. Also, it should be someone who can relate to young players, speak their language and understand what makes them tick. The name many keep coming back to is former Avalanche netminder, and Stanley Cup champion Patrick Roy. Roy runs the entire operation for the QMJHL’s Quebec Remparts and has played footsies with the Avalanche organization before. Considering the cleansing the Avs are about to go through (and have already begun with the Joe Sacco dismissal) it wouldn’t surprise me to see Roy return in Denver in a coaching capacity, perhaps working under Joe Sakic who we assume will take on a greater role in the organization.