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Playoffs thread: May 26

The Bruins eliminated the Rangers yesterday, 3-1, and the Blackhawks earned a sixth game against detroit, 4-1.

Harry How

It's finally here. We've reached the point of the playoffs when, in all likelihood, there won't be more than one game per night. Where, much like the second weekend of March Madness, everything has calmed and settled into one focused, intense battle at a time. Tonight, that battle is for California.

#5 Los Angeles Kings at #6 San Jose Sharks (3-2 LAK)

8:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, TSN, RDS

Here's a fun fact. In the Sharks' two wins, Logan Couture has both of the game-winning goals.

In the war of words, old bro TJ Galiardi has been having a little fun. Couture called Dustin Brown a diver and The Teej piled on, accusing Jonathan Quick of going down easy (ahemhrmrmemm). Which Brad Doty thought was hysterical.

"It’s not even playoff talk," Doughty told The Times. "It’s just funny to even hear that from a guy who is the biggest diver on their team.

"Like it’s just ridiculous he can even say that, to be honest."

Anything to avoid talking about your team's play after a loss, I guess. Can we just admit that both teams are pretty much Vancouver South with 100% less creepy twins and move on?

The Battle of the Acrimonious Acronyms makes its way back to SJ tonight. Neither team has lost at home this postseason. So, LA in 7?