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FINISH THEM TOO: Playoffs Thread, May 29

The Kings won Game 7 last night over the Sharks, 2-1. They await the winner of tonight's matchup in the Conference Final.

Marian Hossa fencing with... um... well, Marian Hossa fencing.
Marian Hossa fencing with... um... well, Marian Hossa fencing.
Jonathan Daniel

dang. Justin Williams last night, eh? His two-goal second period propelled the Kings to a 2-1 victory, giving him something stupid like 9 points in 4 career Game 7s. Just, fuck off, dude, honestly.

#7 detroit red wings at #1 Chicago Blackhawks: Game 7!

8:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, CBC, RDS

The power of my poetic verse has propelled the Blackhawks to two straight wins in pretty definitive fashion. The limerick gave us a Game 5 win and the haiku gave us a Game 6 win. Unfortunately I just don't know that many easily recognizable forms so here's my own invention combining the two. Ladies and gentlemen of MHH, I give you: The Limeraicku.

Beat those fuckers please.
Beat them down, those stupid clowns.
Go Hawks, fuck the wings.

If Chicago wins tonight, Game 1 of the CHI/LAK series will be on Saturday night, alongside Game 1 of the PIT/BOS series. If they don't, LAK will being their WCF sweep on Friday night.