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News of the Colorado Avalanche - Links around the NHL - May 7th, 2013

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Bruce Bennett

If you didn't know: the Habs and the Sens don't like each other too much.

For more than a few minutes, it looked like the Charlestown Chiefs taking on the Syracuse Bulldogs. Two-handed slashes. Chin-seeking elbows. Fights. A full-blown line brawl followed by a steady skate to the penalty box. The only thing missing was Ogie Oglehorpe’s afro.

Forget about calling the opposing coach “a bug-eyed fat walrus,” the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators match-up has gone from cold-blooded to fever-pitched, from one two-game suspension to who knows what else could happen in this hot-house of a series.

Seth Jones still has ties to Denver.

When the final pingpong ball came up last week to clinch the top draft pick for the Avs, Jones admits the city in which he once lived crossed his mind a few times.

"As an 18-year-old, obviously you've got to think about your future and where you're going to be for a long time," Jones said. "I still have a lot of good friends in Denver that I've had my entire life. I'm very familiar with the city, and should I get drafted there I'd be very happy to go back there."

Yup, two California teams will compete in an outdoor hockey game. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

The Freeway Face-Off will have a different look for one game next year.

The National Hockey League announced Monday that Los Angeles Kings will play host to the Anaheim Ducks in a regular-season outdoor game at Dodger Stadium on Jan. 25. It will be the southern-most outdoor NHL game ever and the first-ever in California.

“With their meeting in the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series, the Ducks and the Kings will write the next chapter in the exciting story of NHL hockey in Southern California,” commissioner Gary Bettman said in a release.